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[PTE TIPS 001] Reorder paragraph


今天的练习是Reorder Paragraph,此题型有较为明确的技巧可循,而且这道题如果做得好,可以为Reading加分不少哦。


Tips for Reorder paragraph

  1. Identify the most general statement because usually it is the first part of the paragraph;
  2. Use pronouns, tenses, sequential or transition signals as cues;
  3. The contents must go from the most general statement to the most specific one.



answer short questions

1  What organ do cardiologists specialize in?

2  If telescopes are used to locate distant objects, what instrument is employed tomagnify minuscule objects?

3  Which kind of punishment for a crime is the less severe, an imprisonment orcommunity service?


人家PTE也是系出名门的!不是“野鸡”考试!这也是为什么澳洲移民局会认证他作为测量英文水平的一个考试。什么??你原来怎么没听过? 用我高中班主任的话:知识浅薄的话,是需要学习的!!

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