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answer short questions

1  What organ do cardiologists specialize in?

2  If telescopes are used to locate distant objects, what instrument is employed tomagnify minuscule objects?

3  Which kind of punishment for a crime is the less severe, an imprisonment orcommunity service?

4  How many sides are there in a bilateral agreement?

5  A manufacturing process releases noxious gases. What is the most important safety measure for workers at this plant - ensuring good ventilation, or appropriate footwear?

Describe Images

describe images
describe images

describe images 一直是大家非常恐惧的一部分,因为会让人不由自主的想起雅思A类小作文,可是雅思有20分钟,可以写150个字,而PTE这个部分只有短短25秒读题时间,40秒的描述时间,究竟25秒该看什么?40s该说什么?




answer short answers答案:

1. heart;2.Microscope;3.Community service;4.Two;5.Ventilation


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