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About Us

About Us

EZ Education Group established in 2013 and located in Sydney CBD area. We are committed to helping the broad masses of students achieve goals in their studies such as the Australian College Entrance Examination (HSC), Foundation Studies, IELTS, PTE, Business English, language training and career competitiveness improvement. Our IELTS course use exclusive teaching materials designed by IELTS examiners to help students break through the IELTS bottleneck. Small class with less students is designed to ensure the quality of teaching so that we can provide truly "focused, professional, thoughtful" teaching services. As for HSC tutoring, we provide personalised VIP course for each individual and two rounds pre-exam rocket classes. Our well-tailored teaching plan and course design can help students get good marks in school assessments and achieve the best ATAR results. We also provide high school elective course selection guidance and pre-assessment for Chinese students who study in Australia. You will experience the most professional service here, with EZ Education Group.

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Including linguists, nativespeakers and simultaneous interpreters, our teachers have at least six years teaching experience and aim at providing classes with high quality and helping students to obtain their expected scores.





Based on the standard curriculum of high schools across Australia, EZ Education provides tutoring classes in ESL (English as Second Language), Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Engineering, Business and etc. Although the teaching team is quite young, they are experienced in helping students to gain as many scores as possible in the exams.


university Foundation year 预科


Our training covers all the explanations of terminologies in different areas, the format of writing emails, reports and speeches and the dos and donts in the workplaces. Such training is to help graduates to overcome cross-cultural language barriers so that those graduates will be well-prepared to adapt to Australia working pace.


BEC 商务英语


Our internship includes training in multi industries with BEC courses, mock interviews and future career planning. Meanwhile, we provide resume modification. After training, EZ Education will offer the relevant jobs based on your majors.

We Educate The Future

Small Class

EZ Education Group adhere to the concept of flexibility in course selection and recommend student attend small class to make sure every student in the class can be taken care by the teacher. A small class enables our teacher to tailor course for each student according to their English level and learning ability. To do so, students can improve their IELTS and English in a shortest time.

Professional Teaching Team

EZ Education Group has Sydney's exclusive team of teachers, including the former IELTS examiner and professional teachers with education background. Our teachers have around 12-year teaching experience, solid linguistic foundation and rich simultaneous interpretation experience. They can help students quickly master language learning. Moreover, we provide free model test, free consultation, free textbooks to students. Every student can get the best courses and services with the lowest price.

Flexible Time

Our service offers flexible course option to give students the greatest convenience. Especially for those who need to improve their language skill in a short time, our IELTS teaching team can establish pre-exam rocket class according to their needs.

Personalized Teaching

Small class abandon the traditional one-way boring teaching methods, focusing on enlightened, practical and simulative teaching methods. It can not only greatly improve students' self-learning ability, but also to personalize teaching contents.


Our IELTS training team has a professional education spirit and a strong faculty strength to carry out individualized guidance for candidates. We utilize small class and one to one education program to provide scalable and extended training and tutoring to students.

Teaching System

Our high school tutoring teacher team is full of vigor and hope but without losing professional. We are creative in course design, and purposeful in the establishment of small class teaching system. These efforts enable us to offer quality pre-test sprint to the majority of overseas students.

Happy Students

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  • Danni / ESL

    在EZ EDU补了ESL以后,成绩真的有提高!更主要的是成绩变的非常稳定(在此特别鸣谢LIN)。 LIN在叫我(们)分析Prescribe Texts写Essay的时候不会直接告诉我(们)Techniques,而是会先要我(们)先自己找,找的不对会及时纠正,实在不够她才会做补充。也因为这样,现在做Reading & Responding的卷子也感觉简单了一些!最后LIN总结的关于做Listening的一些Techniques有直接把我从11分拉到了14!虽然看起来只是三分的区别,但是在满分15的卷子里就是band 5与band6的区别了!

  • Cody / HSC


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